We’re coming closer to the big day, a weekend of amazing service design with lots of people who have never met.

Want to design a service in under 48 hours?  Want to learn a bit about service design, and have a go yourself? Then sign up here!

We’ve now confirmed Glasgow as the host city, and are putting finishing touches to the venue and all the details you will need to suitably ‘jam’.

Hold tight, we’re nearly there!


Forres town centre

Hello jammers!

Apologies to anyone waiting to hear back from our meeting a couple of Friday’s ago, it’s been a busy couple of weeks for most.

So we wanted to bring you this announcement and get your feedback.  Elsewhere, behind the scenes we are busy creating a schedule for the weekend, making sure everyone gets fed and generally making jam.

Here is our announcement;

In a bid to find a place to hold the first Global Service Jam in Scotland, we accidentally tripped over a great offer.  One of our potential sponsors came up with the idea of a bus that would take jammers to the remote location of Forres, North of Scotland, west of Aberdeen.

At first we thought brilliant idea, then we thought, not everyone might like that, then we discussed it again, and thought, what a great idea and we came up with an option to make sure everyone is involved and those who might not want to come to Forres and jam for a whole weekend but still want to take part, could.

So we need your opinion on the following option.  If most people say no, we will find a location in Glasgow to hold the jam, but if most people say yes, we will work with our new plan.  So here it goes (and we have some pictures to boot).

OK, so the new, Global Service Jam bus would leave from Glasgow at approximately 4pm, making its way to Edinburgh speedily along the M8.  It would pick up the Edinburgh jammers at around 5.15pm and head north up to Dundee.  At around 6.30pm the Dundee jammers would be picked up and then it’s quick sharp up to Forres with perhaps a stop by Aberdeen (although we have had no takers from that neck of the woods yet).

On the bus between 5pm – 6.30pm we would run a presentation of Service Design, a basic introduction to process and invite some speakers to give a presentation on work they’ve done relating to the service industry. (We will have a glossy kitted out bus that allows us to do this..and put it online before we have left so everyone can see it)

Then at 6.30pm, after the Dundee crew are picked up we will announce the theme.  Then we will engage in a group brainstorm on the bus to expand our thinking on the theme.  (Could the announcement and the brainstorm involve the stay-at-homes too?) By the time we get to Forres (about what time?), we will have grouped into teams (depending on numbers, these will be roughly about teams of 10 people, maybe less)

The idea for the whole weekend is that the teams in Forres, will operate as a main hub ‘jamming’ together with remote teams in different cities over Scotland and even individuals who are operating as a solo remote team.  We will assign different remote teams to the main teams in Forres.  These remote teams will be able to aid the Forres teams with research on the streets, graphics, blueprints, live prototypes, new ideas and so on.  With all our sparkley web2.0 tech at our fingertips we presume this to be no problem and that skype will be running the majority of the time.

So think of it like team A in Forres, having a mobile Edinburgh team supporting them.  Team B in Forres having a mobile Stirling team supporting them, and so on.

This doesn’t mean we need lots of new venues for mobile teams, we’re hoping somone would be good enough to put a small mobile team up in their office or even living room/kitchen .  Or use a studio they work in. (Though remember, you may need to work together on Friday evening, all day Saturday, all day Sunday – so think about access, and wifi, and so on)

We figured, that if most people came to Forres it would be great, but people who can’t come the whole way could join in this way, and we’ll put together a great online platform to all work together.  We’re thinking logistically that maybe 50 people would come to Forres and there could be mobile teams (5-6 people/team) scattered across Scotland.

Now for the small detailed part.  It is going to cost the Forres people a little bit, but we have some options up our sleeves:

Accomodation: There is a nearby youth hostel which we should be able to rent out for most of us, but it will cost each person around £22 for 2 nights.  We think, pending sponsorship we might be able to cover this but we can’t confirm this yet.

The alternative is to bring sleeping bags and stay over in the centre, and use the showers in a nearby accomodation block that we will have the use of.  The accomodation sleeps 2 people but we think one of these will be the bus driver.  This may also have to be an option as the hostel takes max 26 people and we can take 49 in total if needs be.

We will try to raise enough sponsorship to cover this cost, which we could manage to do, if we talk about the benefits of the event and why it is great we are thinking about services in Scotland. But we can’t guarantee this, so it would be sensible to budget for individuals funding themselves for this item.

The link provided, is a user voice which allows you to vote yes, or no.  Please make sure you vote asap so we can make a decision and get on with planning the concrete details of the event.  It is important you vote so we know.  Uservoice gives you 10 votes, but I think you can only use 3 so vote 3 for the one you think is best.

We hope you are pleasantly surprised and will be announcing concrete plans after next Friday’s meeting.

– The GSJ Scotland Team


Hello Scottish service jammers!

So next week is our first meeting to organise the Scottish arm of the Global Service Jam in March this year.  I must stress that if you would rather just be a happy jammer in March, this meeting might not be for you, so don’t feel you have to trek all the way to Glasgow.  However, if you would like to help consider how it runs, where we hold it, getting some dosh for tea and coffee, making sure everyone has somewhere to sleep and there are enough toilets, please do come along.

We’ll be holding it at 6pm over a pint in the CCA.  We’ll be in the top bar.

We’ve had some exciting developments this week around the event and how we might hold it, but we’ll keep quiet until we know some more, but as a hint, we may be able to pick people up from Dundee and Edinburgh somehow…watch this space.

Kirsty Sinclair is going to be helping out and we’ve had two great emails from Dundee of offers to help before and on the day.  These are really helpful as we can’t make this happen entirely on our own.

So see you next Friday, or in March.

GSJ11SCO on twitter

GSJ11SCO on twitter

We have a twitter, you can follow us here at GSJ11SCO or on the left hand side of this site.  We’re also going to use the hashtag #gsj11sco.


The lovely fellows from Work.Play.Experience announced a couple of weeks ago at the Servdes conference in Sweden that they are organising a Global Service Jam.  They were maybe 6 or 7 people onboard at that time, and I nodded to take forward the Scottish jam.  Within in 2 weeks they now have nearly every continent onboard, minus Antartica.

The point of this website is to keep us straight on the what, who, why, where and when of the Scottish jam.  We’re holding it in Glasgow, but are still deciding on a final venue.

We’re going to hold a meeting on the 14th January 2011 at 6pm in the CCA which you can find here (we will be in the upstairs bar).

We’ll be discussing different venues, potential sponsorship (just to cover some coffee/tea/lunch over the weekend), roles for an organisational team and how to get the word out.  Anyone is welcome to join in, or deliver some thoughts before and after the meeting.  We’ll be putting the notes up here afterwards.

A sign up sheet is coming soon, and more concrete details, but until then, please keep an eye out, and sign up for updates.  Or you can follow us on twitter: gsj11sco or #gsj11sco

If you’re interested, you can send me an email, sarah@wearesnook.com for more info/connect/help organise the event.

About GSJ11SCO

This is the Scottish arm of the Global Service Jam 2011. It will take place across the world on the 11th - 13th March 2011. The Scottish arm will take place in Glasgow, we are still to confirm a venue but are looking for helpers to come forward to organise the event. Email sarah@wearesnook.com for more information.

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